Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Of Course I Said Yes!

Tyler had to go to Jersey on a business trip and left Sunday afternoon, so I headed to grab some coffee with my cousin and friend for life KTB (or Katie, but she will always be KTB to me).

We've been friends from the start

I'm the squishy one with the binky and she is the one in the amazing pink overalls.  See what I mean, friends from the start.

I can't even begin to explain how much this girl means to me. We're only a year and 2 weeks apart and while we've had our moments where we weren't each others favorite person there are WAY more moments where we were attached at the hip. I'm talking hundreds of sleep overs, countless trips to the craft store (I blame my crafty nature on her), spring breaks, road trips and late night chats for the record books. We can go months without talking but as soon as were in the same room it's like we never missed a beat.

Well about a year ago she finally got up the guts to ask a guy she had been drooling over out and fast forward to a few weeks ago, he popped the question!! My KTB is getting hitched!!! So naturally we had to meet up for coffee and girl talk about wedding planning and thats when she she gave me this

Well DUH of course I will be! I've been standing by this girl since the day my parents brought me home, I was lucky enough to have her stand with my on my wedding day, and I can't wait to have that honor to stand with her on her special day.

Katie I'm so excited for you and I love you more then words can say!!

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Maggie said...

Okay, this PROUD aunt and momma is sobbing right now!!!! PRECIOUS post by MY PRECIOUS Neice about my PRECIOUS daughter!!!!! No hat is NOT too many uses of the word precious!!! Love you sweet Bekah!!!!