Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Number 77: Blog Everyday for 1 Month

I casually mentioned to Tyler the other day that I was excited to mark off another item on my 101 things in 1001 days list after our trip to Biltmore for our anniversary. He immediately asked if he could see my list and help me get some stuff knocked of.

That's when I realized I hadn't even let him see it and I hate to say if but I need his help for quite a few of them, like number 5. Get pregnant (mom don't get excited we're not trying to check that one off just yet!). 
There are a few on the list that I know probably won't happen, like number 62. No FB for a week (Tyler actually laughed when he read that one), there are also quite a few that can be done pretty easily if I just sit down and do it.

Sunday morning after I'd let Tyler read the list he told me to get dressed because he was talking me to Walmart so I could get going on 42. Play Scrabble and 47. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle (evidently I wasn't thinking straight when I wrote that one down). Two hours and a few mental breakdowns later we made it back home and I am the proud owner of a Scrabble game board and a 1000 piece puzzle featuring cupcakes (perfect right?).

The rest of the afternoon was spent in my pink room staring at puzzle pieces while watching the second season of I Love Lucy and drinking baby Mich Ultra's and this is as far as I've gotten (obviously I was distracted by Lucy and my Mich Ultra).

I figure I have until September 12, 2014 to finish this damn thing and I'm pretty determined, except I'm already positive that I'm missing some pieces and there is a piece with a spider on it that makes me jump every time I see it in the box.

I'd also like to say that we played scrabble Monday and Tuesday night and I won both times! We did make up a few house rules which make it a bit easier more fun though (Like abbreviations are ok as long as we agree that they could be used in an actual sentence: AKA the word "bro")

And just as a recap these are the things I've checked off my list so far:
3. Get a dog   (Roxy)
6. Stick to a workout plan  (Actually stuck to Insanity this summer)
9. Wear Uggs & leggings  (I live in leggings these days!)
10. Learn how to use chopsticks (becoming a sushi addict will do that)
26. Tip 100% 
30. Fire a gun 
33. Pay off Best Buy CC
42. Play Scrabble
53. Finish a book in 1 day
58. 1 Month no fast food
61. Read 10 books
68. Find out about birth parents
74. Bake and decorate cupcakes
75. Go to the zoo
78. Pay off wedding rings
79. Run a mile (I've done three 5k's this year!)
83. Give up beer 1 month (No Beer November SUCKED)
84. Hike
88. Get another dog (Zoey) 
91. Go to Biltmore
96. Cut my own hair
98. Coupon 5x (every other Sunday!)
99. Wear my clip in extensions for a day (another "what was I thinking" one)
101. Get a new car

Some of those things are dumb but coming up with 101 things was kinda hard and I want to stick with what I've got!

But it's time to get cracking and get the rest of these things checked off!

And side note I realized this morning that I REALLY need to get my hair done, my roots are showing!

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