Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Decorations

I love love love decorating for holidays but because of the furry four legged nightmares living in my house I really only get to decorate outside.

This year I decided to splurge and buy a fake, carvable pumpkin from Michales because I always hate carving real ones. The idea is awesome and I'm always hyped up at first but as soon as I get sticky pumpkin guts on me I'm over it. So $15 for a fake one with no inards was totally worth it for me. I also can save it and use it every year (hello! That means I'm actually saving money). 

They had a display pumpkin out at Michales with "Your name" carved into the mouth and I fell in love. I did not however fall in love with the price of almost $30 to have them laser carve it for you. I figured I'm crafty enough, I can do it myself! Now I almost cut off a few fingers but 45 minuets of stenciling and carving later and I'm pretty proud of my pumpkin.

I also put together this little guy for my catch-all table by my front door. I figured since it has a lid the dogs shouldn't mess with it. The glass jar was a piece I saved from my moms trashcan (why she was throwing out such a cool jar I'll never understand), I had burlap left over from making my fall wreath last year, along with the flowers, and I picked up the horribly fake fall veggies from the $1 aisle at Target. Threw them all in the jar and bam, indoor, dog proof fall decor.


The lights outside my house are in their second year of use and I still love them. I'll totally admit that orange lights on my front porch, paired with our white plastic chairs is 120% tacky but whatever I like it. 

Happy fall y'all!!! 

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