Friday, October 4, 2013

Fur Children Updates

I wasn't sure what to write about today so how about a Friday fur baby update?

Let's start with the oldest of the fur children Miss Roxanne

As you can tell she is not amused. She will be 2 this month which means in human years he is roughly 13ish so she is not amused by anything. Typical teenager. She still weighs in at around 35 pounds and her favorite thing to do is follow Cupcake around and act like his mommy. It's pretty cute.

Now on to the hotmess that is our middle child Zoey

This chunk has somehow become obese even though all she does is run around. She never stops moving. However when she does stop she doesn't stand, she immediately sits or lays down. We had a little health scare with her a few weeks ago (not dealing with her weight surprisingly) but she is doing good. She did have to get bumped up on her heart worm pill dosage because she is officially 10.5 lbs which knocked her out of the 5-10 lb pill rnage. The vet actually weighed her twice to verify. Yes she is fat, I could've told you that. Fat but happy!! 

Now on to the hellion that is Cupcake.

This fur ball hates me and I'm not sure why. I feed him and clean his ears, I let him in the house to be chased by the dogs, and I let him outside to roam free. But the above look is the look I get any time he actually acknowledges me. He is 120% in love with Tyler though which makes me mad. I guess it's a guy thing. But he is now tipping the scales at 8 lbs and is about 4 feet long. We figured out the other day he can stand up on his hind legs and reach the kitchen counter no problem (great). I miss when he was little. He now lives outside most of the day and night but he comes in to steal Qtips any chance he gets. 

While they're all a mess we have three happy, healthy animals and I'm totally in love with them.

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Ryan Lynch said...

So I posed you and decided to make one of these too lol. Those LJ days were just too much fun to re-read so why not right? Don't worry about your male cat not liking you. My cat Garfield only likes me and hates Krysta.