Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Yay it's Friday! But my awesome week is on a roll and still going this morning since I wrote an entire post but didn't hit save, and poof it was gone.... So this is Five on Friday round two for me...

One: our first born turned two on Tuesday and yes we celebrated. We are those people and proud if it!

Two: Tyler has been really sweet this week. I think he missed me last weekend so he has been laying on the sweetness pretty thick. And I'm ok with it! It started with flowers when I got home on Saturday and just continued all week.

Three: my bible study. I missed two weeks in a row because of personal issues (aka: my anxiety runs my life) but I'm so glad I went back this week! 

Four: dinasaurs. The marketing guys at work have had this little blow up dinasaur for a while now and I've been jealous since they got it. Well I walk in to work yesterday to find my very own dinasaur on my desk! They rock 

Five: quest bars. These things have become an obsession lately. Packed with protein and gluten free = awesome! And popping them in the microwave for 12 seconds turns them into a delicious desert. My favorites are the cinnamon roll and cookie dough. Yum!!

So yeah I guess it was a pretty good week. But I sure am glad it's Friday! 

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elise @ cheers yall said...

YESSS! happy pup birthday at your house!!! have y'all ever gotten frosty paws for your pup!?! it's our little tradition every pup birthday. peanut butter flavored dog ice cream!!! ;)