Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I will never forget the day my sister told me I was going to be an aunt.

Valentines day 2005 Lisa invited our family over to her and my brother in laws house for dinner, which wasn't out of the ordinary seeing that our family is pretty serious about any and all holidays.

Well I got there first and as soon as I walked in the door Lisa handed me a card. I opened it up, read it and thanked her. She just stared at me so I thanked her again... She told me to read it again. It was signed "Love, Lisa, Ryan and baby". I flipped out! We were having a baby!!!! I then had to get it together so when my parents got there they wouldn't know something was up. Needless to say everyone was ecstatic.

I also will never forget sitting in German class and getting a text that said "Its a girl!" I told Lisa she had to tell me as soon as the doctor told them what it was, and she did.

Another day I'll never forget is the day that little girl was born. Dad and I were watching SNL when the phone rang, Lisa was in labor and headed to the hospital. Dad told me to make coffee and he would go tell mom. 7 hours later miss Ella was born (at 7:29 am to be more precise), I got to hold her first!

I fell in love that day.

This little girl has been a huge part of my heart since the second I saw her. I'll admit we don't get along most of the time (we're very much alike and it shows) but I will always love her more then she knows.

Happy birthday Ella, you drive me insane but I love you anyways! 

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