Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Wreath (I'm horrible at tutorial's)

I've been wanting to make a book page wreath for probably a year now and finally decided to do it this Sunday.

While it's time consuming it is a pretty simple project.

Materials needed:
Foam wreath form
An old book (I got mine from my mom's house, its actually one of my uncles old college books)
Hot glue gun

First off you have to get over the fact that you're going to be ripping a book apart and just deal with it. I was worried leaving my moms house and I was expalining to my dad was I was doing with the book and he goes "well it's better for you to tear it up then it just end up in the trash". So I kept reminding myself it was for art.

Rip apart the book by cutting out the sting binding and cut down the pages to all be the same size. This will take forever and make a mess.

Then roll your pages into cones. I ended up using 150 pages total. The rolling is what really takes the longest. Like a few hours.

Once you have a good pile of cones start hot gluing them to your wreath. I did them equally spaced and then just kept going around filling in the empty spots.

Do this for 2 or three layers then flip the wreath over and start gluing them on the opposite side of the wreath to fill in the empty spots. And just keep gluing, and gluing and gluing.

You can also see in the above picture I tied a piece of twine around the wreath in order to hang it on the wall when it was all done.

Continue to glue cones on until your happy with your finished product.

Then hang her up on your wall and enjoy.

And now wait to see if your husband notices your new piece of art on the wall.... Tyler didn't get home until midnight Monday so I figured he was too out of it to notice. I was wrong. He crawls in bed and I was about half asleep he goes "excellent craftsmanship on your new wreath". He then went on to say it's not his style but I did a good job on it.



Katie said...

Looks so good!! And very impressive the husband noticed haha.

Hollie Burgess said...

This looks lovely. How did you keep the cones together? With the glue? X