Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2 Years Down, Lots To Go

I can't believe it but Tyler and I celebrated our second anniversary September 24th. It truly is amazing how quick time goes by!
Last year  we didn't do anything really exciting for our anniversary because to be perfectly frank, we were broke.  So this year Tyler took the lead and told me he wanted to plan a trip for us to celebrate two years of wedded bliss. I reluctantly said yes and so began the torture.
Conversations like that happened on the daily. He told me were were doing everything from skydiving to deep see fishing. And for someone as OCD as I am, the unknown freaks me out.
It honestly went on until the day of our trip

But let me tell you, it was worth it because Tyler surprised me with a trip to the Biltmore!
We have both been before but never together and it's something I've been mentioning since we started dating.

 this is circa 2009?

Now of course we all know I have the worst luck in the world, so from the very beginning our trip didn't exactly go as planned:
Sat in traffic and a 3 hour drive turned into a 5.
Ended up waiting at a Walmart self checkout counter for 20 minuets because Tyler asked for cash back and of course the machine ran out of money.
Our hotel room didnt have a mini fridge or microwave which crushed the idea of late night leftovers from our last resort Ruby Tuesday dinner on Friday.
Woke up to POURING down rain on Saturday which ruined my "big" surprise and also put a damper on spending all day walking around the grounds of Biltmore

But in all our trip was amazing!

It is even beautiful in the rain

Why yes that would be my car parked right in front of the Biltmore house #LikeIOwnIt (yes I just hashtagged... get over it). On the way to the Biltmore Tyler said that he had one tiny surprise but it was more of a "oh thats thoughtful" thing then an exciting thing. When we pulled in the parking lot and I saw the shuttle buses people were getting on to be driven the rest of the way to the house I about died then Tyler calmly goes "pull up to the parking attendant and ask where we go for valet parking". Yes he wins all the wins. I got to drive right up to the front freakin door! It was amazing and VERY thoughtful.

The big suprise for the day was supposed to be horseback riding but because of the weather we opted out. We did talk them into letting us pet one though and I was in heaven. Once we pulled up to the stable it also made a lot more sense as to why Tyler was so adamant about bringing apples for snacks.


We had lunch on the grounds at this amazing tavern called Cedrics (named after the Biltmores family dog) and I honestly wish we had one in Charlotte. I discovered my new favorite fall beer and Tyler had a sandwich that was bigger then his head.

The house tour was pretty awesome too. I hate that you can't take pictures inside but I totally get why they don't want you to. Too many flashes going off would ruin all the amazing art! We did get to snap a few pictures in the rain on the back porch.

We also had an amazing dinner even though our waiter was terrible (when I say terrible, I mean terrible! One example is that I asked for a desert menu and I watched him walk off and go stand and talk to a few of his coworkers for a solid 3 minuets before going to get the menu and bring it back to me. As a former waiter and Tyler being a former restaurant manager we're usually easy on restaurant staff but this guy was an idiot)

Our day ended by drinking wine out of paper hotel cups and watching fast and furious which in my book is a pretty fantastic way to end a day

Then Sunday morning came and it was time to drive home. And me being me I missed an exit and we ended up taking a 20 minuet detour but this view happened and it was totally worth the extra mileage

We made it back to Charlotte safe and sound. Picked up the dogs and headed home

I can't believe we've got two years in the books and I'm crazy excited to see what the God has in store for our future!

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