Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Confessions

I don't blog anymore.

Bet you didn't know that!

I've had such a huge blogger block lately and it's driving me insane. About once a day an idea will pop in to my head that I want to write about but it never makes it to my computer. I've been focusing on other things in my life and sitting down in front of my computer just hasn't been one of them.

I also have a bad habit of comparing myself to all of the amazing blogs I read and my life in the country just doesn't compare.

I confess.....

  • There is dog hair all over my house, all the time. I literally sweep twice a day on the weekends and that's the first thing I do when I get home from work.
  • We don't have beautiful new furniture/decor (refer to the above). We still have Tyler's bachelor pad white pleather couch and a kitchen table where the legs of it have been chewed to shreds by our adorable and at the time teething dogs.
  • I own nothing Chevron **gasp** How can I be a blogger and not have anything in my life that is Chevron!?
  • "Arm Candy" isn't my thing. I did get a fabulous watch for my birthday that I plan on wearing 24/7 (it should be here any day *YAY*) but just thinking about wearing a watch and 3 bracelets on the same arm makes me claustrophobic
  • Hubby and I never go out anymore, we maybe go out once a month. We went out to dinner last weekend for my birthday and no lie it took an hour to get to Ru San's from our house (if you live in Charlotte you know where Ru San's is, and if you don't you need to look it up and go there immediately! Only if you like sushi though.) That's RIDICULOUS! So like i said... we NEVER go out anymore because we live so far away from everything. Which means my "weekend recap" would usually consist of trips to the Monroe Walmart and Tractor Supply. Which are always interesting but not exactly the glamorous "night out" posts I read on other blogs
This isn't meant to sound like a pitty party (which I feel like it's turning into), because don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life. I just don't always feel like it's the most exciting thing to put on the internet.
But it's my life and I'm enjoying every minuet of it.

I confess.... I plan on blogging more about our crazy country life where I repeat outfits and clean up dog puke on the daily. How my amazing husband does all of our grocery shopping and coupons like a boss. Where my Sunday morning consist of snuggles on our pleather couch watching Golden Girls instead of brunch at some fancy new restaurant. 

Watch out internet! It's about to get country up in here!

The usual traffic by our house.... 


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Crystal said...

Having grown up in the country in MN, i would love to hear all about your country life! P.S. The pic of the combine looks just like the one I used to drive :)