Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Confessions

I confess that I didn't work out for an entire week

Which means this post was full of lies (one reason I'm second guessing my idea of writing my posts for the week on Sunday and scheduling them because, lets face it.... things dont go as planned scheduled)

Last week was a total bust for me and I'll admit I feel bad about it. I did do my Pussy Cat Dolls dance work out video (every time I do it I realize just how long it's been since I've danced) on Sunday but other then that I didn't lift a finger.

I started feeling like poop on Sunday afternoon and took that as a sign that my body needed a rest. I actually ended up leaving work early on Monday and going home and napping with my dogs all day.

Tyler actually came home early too to take care of me (aka he watched tv and kept the dogs quiet while I slept) which was very sweet of him.

Tuesday I felt somewhat better but still not 100% which meant I did not feel like jumping around for an hour to Shaun T yelling because I'd probably hurt myself doing it half assed.

Then of course after two days of not working out there is no point in trying to jump back on the train so the rest of the week was spent laying around, watching tv, reading Harry Potter and going to bed early.

Now I'm at the beach which means I actually put on a bathing suit and it hit me that taking a week off wasn't the best idea in the world. I'm already too pale to be seen in public in a bikini and slacking off on my workouts made me really feel sorry for anyone that was on the beach with us. I'm praying that my white skin just blended in with the sand so no one really noticed.

So here is to a new week and a fresh start! I'm not making any promises though.....

Also I confess that I want to steal my mom's MacBook Pro that I'm writing this on because it puts my old worn out MacBook to shame. I hate how quickly technology evolves!

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