Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So it rained?

Evidently I slept through a storm that could've blown our house away last night.

I'm usually the worst sleeper ever and wake up every 30 minuets because I hear the dogs roll over in their crates two rooms away, or because I get hot, or because the cat knocked something over in the den, or because I cant get comfortable.....  
 This is exactly what it looks like in our bed every night, I'm the one going nuts and Tyler is curled up in a ball

Last night I didn't wake up once...

I did however wake up in a panic this morning when my phone alarm (aka my last resort alarm) startled me awake and our alarm on the dresser was flashing 3:42. I laid there for a minuet scared to look at the time on my phone because who knows how long it had been ringing in my ear, but luckily I had just enough time to brush my hair and slap on some BB cream before I had to leave for work.

So of course I jump out of bed yelling for Tyler to get up and asked if he had any idea that the power went out. He looks at me and goes "it was out for like 2 hours because of the storm, you really didn't wake up? It sounded like there was a tornado outside?!"

"Nope... so it rained?"

Thank you to the tylonal PM I took last night. You did your job my friend and it was much appreciated!

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