Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No Longer a Man

This little guy is getting his manhood taken away from him today

I feel bad but at the same time I'm really excited because this means Mr.CC is moving outside as soon as he is fully healed!

Which means no more locking him in our master bathroom during the day!

Which means no more litter box in my house!

Which means I don't have to scoop poop (gross) anymore!

And hopefully this means he won't be such an asshole anymore. Excuse me for the language but just look at that face.... he might be cute but good gracious he is a jerk.

Hubby dropped him off at 7am this morning and we'll be getting him back with two less pieces and a cone of shame. I hope the dogs don't give him too much hell while he is coned. Although he deserves to get knocked around a little bit for the terror he has inflicted on Zoey for the past few months.

1 comment:

Veronica Ridgeway said...

He has such a sweet face. But those eyes say Diobolical Villin. :o) Hope he is feeling better.