Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting In Shape

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know that I've been focusing hard on working out/getting healthy lately. I'm determined to get in shape and look hawt!

Stop light photo of my guns, this chick is working HARD

While it sucks because I feel like my life revolves around eating avocado and working out I'm finally seeing results which is awesome

May of 2012 compared to July 2013

Why did no one tell me I was getting fat!? Now you might not be able to tell a huge difference but I can! I also love how long my hair is getting (yay vitamins at work!)

Last year on my 25th birthday I started my first round of insanity and I didn't follow through. I slacked off and gave up and fell right back into my old ways of coming home, sitting on the couch and doing nothing.
This time it was different!
I started on June 9th and while I haven't done every work out I've don't better than last year. I didn't start my 25th year off the way I wanted to, but I finished it out with a bang!

So here is to my 26th year on the earth and being fit and healthy!!

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Ashley said...

i can tell a huge difference! wow - incredible work lady. your hard work truly is paying off.! inspired by you tonight! :)

keep it up!