Friday, August 16, 2013

Five On Friday

I've never done this link up before but I figured what the heck. I should be able to come up with 5 things that have happened this week. I think that's the point of this right?


Here it goes

1. Came home to a spotless house on Sunday after a weekend at the beach aka I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER. He mopped the floors, changed the sheets on the bed, cleaned the bathrooms, gave Zoey a hair cut and even cleaned out the litter box!? See, like I said BEST HUSBAND EVER

I swear he gave her a hair cut... she just always looks a hot mess... but at least she's cute!

2. The weather at the beginning of the week had me ready to chop all of my hair off. 98* and 90% humidity is NOT my favorite thing in the world. However the past two days have been amahhzing. We're talking highs in the lower 70's and over cast. I know its weird to love weather like that but fall is my favorite season so a taste of it this early in the year is really exciting for me. I am not looking forward to all the rain we're supposed to get this weekend though.

3. Speaking of this weekend! Tomorrow BHE (best husband ever... I think I've found a nickname for him) and I are heading up to the mountains to visit with his best friend from college and his wife to meet their new baby girl! She was born last Thursday and I've been itching to hold that sweet little girl for over a week now. Hopefully holding a baby will fend off my baby fever for a few more months *fingers crossed*.

4. This text exchange happened yesterday and it makes me laugh because it just proves yet again how country we are now:

The diner I'm talking about is the only restaurant within 20ish minuets from our house and seats maybe 30 people, and the parking lot was PACKED at 5:40 on a Thursday night. I'm guessing it was the roast beef sandwich on special. Then of course BHE passed some baby llama's in someones yard. If you've never seen a baby llama you haven't really lived. They are probably one of the cutest baby animals in the world. Google it now.

5. I have maintained my weight all week and only worked out once. Gah I know I keep talking about how great I'm doing with my working out and eating right but Lord knows I've fallen off that bandwagon the past few weeks, and I need to get back on it ASAP.

So yep that's what went on this week. I think I did this right but again I'm not really sure

Hope you had an awesome week!

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