Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Car full of animals

This weekend we took on the fun task of taking all three of our creatures to the vet at the same time.

Tyler decided to take the cat out of his carrier (side note: watching Tyler carry this pink/flower carrier through PetSmart is down right adorable) which was fun because I was freaking out the whole time that the cat was going to jump out the window.


Roxy was miserable in the backseat as usual. She braces herself by crouching down and pushing herself up against the seat. I've thought about getting her a doggy seat belt but I'm worried it will freak her out even more. Has anyone used or have one? Does your dog mind it?? And Zoey crammed her fat booty in my lap.

We finally made it and were put right in an exam room and the checkups started...

Tyler was not happy about them taking Roxy to the back by herself. So he sulked with Zoey (and obviously Cupcake was concerned too... or he just wanted to escape. Roxy got some shots and checked out at a solid 35.5 lbs

This little boy is doing good after losing his manhood.

Then it was Zoey's turn to get checked out.....


We were informed that Zoey is a little over weight and is no longer allowed to get treats every day. Tyler and I have argued about this for the past few months. I kept saying she was chunky and he said it was all muscle. Well guess what... I WON!! Home girl is on a diet. We need to get her down to a lean mean 8.5-9 lbs. No more of this double digit stuff (she was 10 lbs on the dot). 

One hour later we were done. While taking all three animals at once was quite the task it was totally worth it because we didn't have to make three separate visits. Now we're all set for 6 months!

I'm happy to have three healthy animals! Even if one is slightly obese (at least she's cute!).

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