Sunday, August 25, 2013

Can I Get A Drink?

My confession today is that I cant drink for sh*t anymore.

And in all honestly I'm pissed about it.

I got home on Friday and Tyler had a 6 pack of Budlight Platinum waiting for me and I was ready to kill it

Well I don't remember anything after my second one. 

And woke up with a hangover for the record books.

The fuzzy memories of talking my ass off while we watched a movie (which didn't make for a happy husband),  tweeting like it was my job, and texting everyone in my phone. 


The only good part is that Tyler got me a sausage and cheese Hardee's biscuit and I didn't think twice about eating it. Greasy fast food breakfast is the only cure for a hangover, hands down.

So now we have 3 BLP left in our fridge and I'm scared to touch them.

Does this mean I'm old now??


Crystal said...

No not old, just means you need some more practice :-)

Kerri Waller said...

lol! I do agree about the greasy fast food being a cure for a hangover! I rarely drink, but if I have ONE drink, I'm done. It sucks how I can't even get a little tipsy. haha.