Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. (link up)

 Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Yay this is the first time I've linked up for this and I'm pretty excited. Maybe this will give me motivation to actually do things I pin!
Hubby and I have always saved tickets/notes/silly stuff like that in a little box that sits on our dresser in our bedroom. I love our box for personal things like notes but I always wanted to do something "cute" with the tickets so when I saw this on Pinterest I went nuts!

How perfect! I swear it's like Pintrest can read your mind sometimes.

I showed it to Hubby and he immeditly said "you need to make that for the stuff in our box".

Now I did change the look a little bit but kept the same idea.

What I used:
- Card stock (measured to fit in the shadow box)
- Stencils
- Sharpie
- Water color paints/paint brush

How I Did it:
- Stencil lettering on card stock (I decided to change the wording to "The Stuff We've Done" instead of the "Admit One" since more then just movie tickets were going in the box)
- Color in the letters with a sharpie
- Paint the back ground to match your decor (or you could leave it the color of the card stock)
- Using double sided tape/or glue, attach your card stock to the back of the shadow box
- Grab your collection of ticket stubs/air plane tickets/etc and filler' up!

This only took me about 45 minuets (I was making cupcakes at the same time which is why it took longer then it should have) and was super simple and a great way to display things that normally would just be put in a box or hidden away.

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katelyn carter said...

This is SUCH a cute idea! Love it!