Monday, May 13, 2013


If you know my father you know he is a softy at heart.
Sure he looks like a big bad biker dude and tries to act like one but he has the heart of a lamb. 

Keeping that in mind I get this picture message from my dear father on Saturday with no text to explain

Yup that is my father with a little furball. 

My first thought was "mom is going to be so mad!" 

My dad is known for bringing animals home, and the way he was squishing that little baby I could just see him sticking that fur baby in his motorcycle vest pocket for the ride home. 

When I finally saw my dad Sunday and was able to ask him about the little creature I found out a lady at his Saturday morning meeting had found the little booger on the side of the road 6 weeks ago! I don't understand how anyone could just dump a helpless puppy on the side of the road. 

So no I do not have another fur-sibling but dad did say "if she had asked if anyone wanted to take him I would've said yes in a heartbeat! But I figured Candy and Casper wouldn't have been to happy" 

The point of this post obviously is to point out that I get my heart for animals from my dad... And I'm ok with that 

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