Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party of 5

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you know that the Foley family is up to 5.

This little booger came home with my two weeks ago

It all happened kinda quick... Hubby mentioned getting a cat and a week later we had CupCake

Now just to let you know we are NOT cat people
Hubby and I are both allergic so was this the best idea in the world.. Nope not at all
Am I happy we got a cat?
You bet your ass I am!

Now the funny story of how this little boy became part of our family

Like everything else, I put it on facebook that we were thinking of getting a kitten
I immediatly get a message from Hubby's friend saying his moms cat had kittens and she was trying to get rid of them... free kitten?? I'LL TAKE IT!
Over the next week I bugged him to death till finally I got his moms address and was heading to her house to see the furry babies.
She brought out this little blue eyed fur ball and it was love at first sight.
She assured me that it was a girl (Hubby only wants girl animals) because she hadn't seen any "testicles"... She said the word "testicles" probably 5 times while I was there and it took everything I had to not die laughing.
They gave me a box to stick her in for the ride home and we were off

 The ride ended with scratches on my arms and face but we made it!
When we got home the dogs couldnt contain their excitement.
Zoey wanted to eat her and Roxy wanted to mommy her

I felt bad for the poor kitty. I kept telling her she will be bigger then Zoey in no time and be able to defend herself.

Now with our other babies I had names picked out before we even got them. The cat however did not have a name, I decided though since he is white like frosting his name will be CupCake.

However we have started calling him CC since the Saturday after we got him we did some googling and figured out he did in fact have testicles...
The girl from the vet actually laughed on the phone when I told her his name was Cupcake but he indeed is a boy.. "That's why I ask instead of just assuming what sex animals are"

So yep we are now a family of 5 and I couldn't be happier.
Life with a kitten is a lot different then life with a puppy but it honestly is a lot easier which I'm thankful for! 

Welcome to the family little dude! We're excited that your ours

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