Sunday, April 28, 2013

I did a 5K

So don't ask me how but I somehow have managed to sign myself up for two 5k's,
 within three weeks of each other.
Am I crazy?
YES, yes I am.

If you know me at all you know that my main source of exercise is walking to my car.
So the fact that I thought I'd be able to complete two 5k's is beyond me.

Well the first one was last weekend and I DID IT!

It was the Pure Religion 5k and it was for a great cause.
And I was lucky enough to complete this challenge with these amazing women

The day started at 6am, which I'll admit was WAY to early for me on a Saturday
But it was a beautiful day so it was totally worth it

Now I will admit, when we got to the church it was FREEZING!
I tried to be thankful that it wasn't hot because that would've been worse and at least I was smart enough to put on pants instead of the shorts I had planned on wearing.

At 9am the race began and we walked our little hearts out!
We even ran for some of it and managed to finish in under an hour which I was proud of.
Especially since the last leg of the race was straight up a hill!
If you live in Charlotte, you know how brutal Randolph road is and you'd understand

Needless to say I'm still proud of the fact that I did this! 
I even made Hubby take pictures when I got home

Fatty pants Zoey wanted to get in the picture too

Check out that messy after run walk hair! I looked like I'd actually worked out

Super proud of myself!

And of course because my body isnt used to that much movement..
My knee felt like it was going to fall off which meant laying around icing it
(Roxy was tired from running around all day too)

Now the scary part is I'm doing my second 5K in two weeks
Some ladies at my work are all doing the LoziLu mud run
I'm scared but excited at the same time
Fingers crossed that I make it through.
Hubby thinks I'll start crying on the first obstacle so we'll see

Speaking of the LoziLu, I'm off to make myself a tutu... Yup a tutu!

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Veronica Ridgeway said...

~Congrats!!!! You are one brave lady. :o)Oh, and can I say woot woot, so happy that you are bloggin!!!