Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Confessions

 My confession this week is that I have a phone addiction

My phone addiction really started with my pinkberry

It became attached to my hand and I couldn't function with out it
I actually received the "Crackbery" award at my tanning salon job 
The damn thing went everywhere with me
 Which actually caused its demise during our girls 2010 beach trip
This girl thought it was a great idea to put it in a zip lock bag so I could take it to the hot tub with me As you can guess a few drinks were to blame
 (who doesn't take awkward half drunk selfies while straightening your hair?? Sorry mom)
Long story short hot water and a cheap plastic bag dont mix and my phone died
What the hell was I going to do?! 
My social media connection/texting had been cut off

Since the pinkberry I cant go anywhere with out my phone in arms reach
Its pathetic I know but I cant help it
I mean hello my wedding dress had pockets for that reason
(don't worry though my sister refused to let me have my phone during the ceremony)
I did have my Droid in hand up until the minute I walked down the aisle though
 Pretty sure I was texing my future Hubby at that moment

Yup so my phone addiction has been an ongoing thing problem for the past few years and I don't think I'll give it up..

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