Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whats in a name?

Why yes I just quoted Romeo and Juliet
Not even gonna lie it's one of the best movies ever (even though now that I think about it I somehow left that off of my Favorite Movies list) I mean HELLO I walked down the aisle at my wedding to Kissing You from the soundtrack! Ok not from the actual soundtrack CD style, but we had a string trio playing the song... 
Tyler still talks about how mad he is because I walked to fast and he didn't get to hear more of the song... but ANYWAYS

I'm thinking of changing my blog name


Can I even do that?
How do I do that?
I'll have to change my URL right?

My thought behind even changing it is I want to do a new layout, like actually have someone design my blog for me so it doesn't look like a hot mess like it does in its current condition.
I keep trying to get the graphic designers at work to do it for me for free but they said no

I really want to start writing more and maybe having a pretty new blog layout would be more enticing.
Like when you buy a new dress and want to go out just so you can wear it

So yeah I don't know what to change my Blog name to
Or if I even really want to change it
But that's something I have to figure out before I get a layout done


Any ideas?

Oh and here is my Throw Back Thursday picture of the day

Me with an aligator wearing all stripes and jelly shoes


Monday, February 25, 2013

My Oscar Fave

I'll admit I had better things to do last night then watch the Oscar's
Like laundry and cleaning
But can I just say WOW

In my personal opinion this is the most perfect dress ever
I would wear this get up to the grocery store if it was in my closet
Hell I'd wear it everywhere!
And the simple jewelry and hair make the look even more amazing

Oh and the fact that this happened

Makes me love her so much because it's something that could happen to normal people like us

I love when normal stuff like that happens to famous people

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Confessions

 My confession this week is that I have a phone addiction

My phone addiction really started with my pinkberry

It became attached to my hand and I couldn't function with out it
I actually received the "Crackbery" award at my tanning salon job 
The damn thing went everywhere with me
 Which actually caused its demise during our girls 2010 beach trip
This girl thought it was a great idea to put it in a zip lock bag so I could take it to the hot tub with me As you can guess a few drinks were to blame
 (who doesn't take awkward half drunk selfies while straightening your hair?? Sorry mom)
Long story short hot water and a cheap plastic bag dont mix and my phone died
What the hell was I going to do?! 
My social media connection/texting had been cut off

Since the pinkberry I cant go anywhere with out my phone in arms reach
Its pathetic I know but I cant help it
I mean hello my wedding dress had pockets for that reason
(don't worry though my sister refused to let me have my phone during the ceremony)
I did have my Droid in hand up until the minute I walked down the aisle though
 Pretty sure I was texing my future Hubby at that moment

Yup so my phone addiction has been an ongoing thing problem for the past few years and I don't think I'll give it up..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 10-Something you're afraid of

Day 10-Something you're afraid of

End of story no explanation needed


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 9-A picture of your friends

Day 9-A picture of your friends
 This is how we are in my head
Skinny, on the beach and a little tipsy


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 8-A place you've traveled to

Wow I've been really bad at keeping up with this series...

Day 8-A place you've traveled to
The Grand Canyon
Yes I had bleach blonde hair and did the typical "tourist" pose (oh to be 19 again)

This was probably the coolest place ever
You always hear about how incredible it is but until you see it in person you can't even begin to understand its amazingness

The Grand Canyon is just one of the many reasons why Arizona is one of my favorite places in the world (and the fact that it's so dry my allergies don't bother me)

Oh yeah and this picture happened
Bleached hair- check
Pink razor phone - check
Duck lips - check
Vera Bradley purse - check
Abercrombie jacket - Check
Posing with a coke machine - Check

Typical 19 year old in 2007 - DOUBLE CHECK

Bless I was a mess

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Garden Box

We had this old dresser that Tyler has had since who knows when just sitting in our garage and it was driving me nuts to say the least
Hubby made me one garden box already

Awesome right!!!
So my idea was to turn this old piece of furniture into another garden box 

Step 1: Find an old dresser 

Step 2. Remove the doors

Step 3. Remove backing and shelves

Step 4. Use one of the shelves to cover the bottom

Step 5. Place where you want in your yard and fill with dirt then wait for spring to plant some veggies!

I'm also pretty excited about the leftovers that I'm going to craft with!
Just need to figure out what to do with them
I cant throw away good wood though

I'm thinking some cute painted signs for the doors or maybe some chalkboard paint??

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Confessions

In fifth grade I got this stuffed animal from my dad for Valentines day
Her name is Lovie 

She went to everywhere with me.
On every trip, on every sleep over, she even went to Canada with me in 8th grade

My confession today is that this little stuffed animal still sleeps with me

I will admit I originally didnt bring her to our house when we got married
I mean come on.. a 24 year old that's married sleeping with a stuffed lamb?? 
Weird right?
Well a few weeks ago I woke up in a panic because I didn't have her
The next day I was on the phone with my mom making sure one of my nieces hadn't stolen her from my bedroom at my parents house. Mom assured me that she was safe and I was there that weekend to get her.... sad I know.

Luckily Hubby is totally okay with adding another lady to our bed

So do you have any Sunday Confessions??

Friday, February 15, 2013

Merry Christmas... I mean Valentines day

So Valentines day is holiday that isn't really celebrated at our house. Hubby always says he doesn't need just one day to show me he loves me, because he shows me every day....

I'll admit I think we both forgot yesterday was Valentines day at fist. I'll know I didn't remember until I turned on the morning news while I was getting ready and they mentioned it. Which is why my dogs got Valentines day kisses before Hubby did (whoops). At 6:30 in the morning neither one of us are very nice people so a quick peck and a mumbled "Happy Valentines day, I Love you" was basically all that was said before heading off to work.

Then the bad day started... At least for Hubby it was a bad day

I had lunch with my mom (where she gave me the cutest card referencing cooties and a beautiful tulip which I'm sure I'll kill before I'm able to get it planted in the ground) then my dad texted me saying he had my V-Day gift and I needed to stop by their house after work. Which left me feeling guilty knowing Tyler would be the one getting home first to whatever the dogs had torn up in turn making his bad day even worse. Hubby had had a horrible day at work, I started getting angry texts at 8:10am, so needless to say he was in a fantastic mood by the time 5pm rolled around

After visiting with my parents I texted Hubby to let him know I was on my way home... That's when my phone rang and on the line was a very angry Hubby. Poor thing had spent 30 minuets at the grocery store picking out everything for dinner and ended up leaving it all on the customer service counter after he had a fight with the manager over the fact that it was Valentines night and no one was working that could cut steaks. I mean really? How does that happen?? My husband just wanted to surprise me with a nice Valentines day dinner but cant because no one can cut steaks! After he tells me his story I can tell this night isn't going to be the relaxing night I had pictured. When we hung up I figured I'd get home and he would be on the couch with a beer in his hand, frozen pizza in the oven. But to my suprise I beat him home....

Bless his heart he stopped at another grocery store on his way home. He showed up with steaks, potatoes, salad, wine and "fancy" bread. Then topped it off with the sweetest "to my wife" valentines day card ever.

Basically all I'm trying to say is that my Husband is the best. Even though yesterday was a "Hallmark holiday" that he doesn't like to celebrate he made it special for me because he knows I like that "sappy crap".

Oh he did however accidentally tell me "Merry Christmas" twice and "happy Thanksgiving" once....

Only my husband....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hubby turned 29

Last Friday was Hubby's birthday which meant.....

Friday was all about Hubby and man things!
He got Hardees for breakfast.. and got asked if he was a yankee... 

 he grew up in that town and has lived even further south for the past 11 years.

Then we visited with family and experienced his Gmaw saying something VERY politically incorrect and I could barely keep it together. It's amazing what old people get away with... 

Next was the manliest of the men things...

Shooting guns in an open field!!

Tyler's nephew came with us which was fun too. We had planned on springing him from school early but school was canceled because of "inclement weather"... as you can see it turned out to be a beautiful day!

And yes that kid is 14 and is 6'6" I can only hope our kids get Hubby's families height!!

Actually got Hubby to semi smile for a picture!!

Of course I have pink shot gun shells... what other color is there?

This was when Hubby didn't want to smile.... And yes that's an Army scarf that he is super attached to

So after lots of shooting we ended the day with Mexican food in the only good restaurant in Hubby's tiny home town and it was AMAZING! And of course he ran into 4 people he knew before we even got to the table... home boy is a local celeb when he is in town visiting.

In my opinion he had a pretty good birthday and I'm thinking he enjoyed it too

Oh and this was my first experience shooting a shot gun...

Yes I about fell on my face while holding a fire arm...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Talk About Anxiety

So lets talk about anxiety...
Its an ugly word and one that I deal with on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis.

I feel like I've written about my struggles with anxiety before but I can't remember and am too lazy to look through my past entries so I figured "why not". It's my blog, I do what I want haha.

Why I'm doing this random "serious" post I'm not really sure, especially since I'm sitting her typing this on my computer at work (don't worry I'm on my lunch break!).

On to where it all started (or at least where it started to the best of my knowledge/memories). Looking back on that night I was being completely ridiculous but to a 5 year old with anxiety it was a HUGE deal.
I always had issues falling asleep, I'm not sure if it was because I'd have nightmares or just hated being alone but I would get in full blown fights to the death with my parents over bed time. I finally was allowed to have a TV in my room and would stay up till all hours watching Disney movies "not wanting to fall asleep because I just knew I wouldn't wake up if I did". Well it all hit the fan one night when my dad came in to check on me WAY past my bed time, and there I was glossy eyed watching 101 Dalmations for the millionth time  He went over, unplugged my TV, and told me to go to sleep. I thought the world was ending... I couldn't breath, I couldn't think, all I could do was beg him to plug it back in. I remember sitting in the hall outside of my parents room just crying and screaming until I finally passed out. While I'm not sure if that was a true "panic attack", I'm pretty sure it comes close.

The next panic attack I vividly remember was when I was 10. I had my yearly checkup and the doctor felt a lump in my abdomen that she wanted me to get looked at which meant having my mom take me immediately to the hospital for an ultra sound. In my head all I heard her say was "oh well you're dieing". As soon as we got in the car I couldn't breath. By the end of the 7 minuet drive to the hospital I was crumpled in the floor of the passenger seat hyperventilating. I refused to get out of the car and just screamed at my mom to take me home. She ended up calling my Dr telling her she didn't know what to do with me, they threatened to have nurses come out and carry me into the hospital, which luckily didn't have to happen. I finally "got it together" and shakily walked in on my own will. Mind you the lump was nothing serious I was just so skinny my innards were a lot closer to my skin then they should've been causing a lump and a heavy heartbeat right above my belly button.

Since that break down in 5th grade I've had panic attacks from as frequently as 1 or 2 a week to as spread apart as 1 every month or so.

I started seeing a therapist when I was in 8th grade all the way through my late teens. Ive been diagnosed with different disorders from social anxiety to bipolar disorder with manic tendencies (remember I didn't/don't like sleeping). I'll have to do another post on the bipolar diagnoses... that was an interesting year.. And I've been on countless antidepressants, sleeping pills, ADHD medications, etc. I can say that as of today I am on no daily medications only the random dose if I know I'm going to be in a situation that will "cause heightened anxiety"

I guess I just wanted to to write this post because I've been feeling very down and out of it lately which is why I don't write like I want/promised to.
It's something that I'm dealing with on a day to day basis and I hope that I can get it under control soon.

Sorry for the random stories, I just needed to type them out. I might do a post about the "bipolar year" later, and I'll also try and update more. I feel like my blog is about to go in a totally different direction then my original intent but it's how I'm feeling lately...

Stay tuned