Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Week

Well per usual I've been a horrible blogger
So I decided to do a "week in review"

Last Saturday I treated Hubby to a Man Day
We went to Quincy's for lunch
(if you don't know what Quincy's is I'm sorry)
We were the youngest people there by at least 30 years
Then we saw Zero Dark Thirty which is such an amazing movie
I highly recommend seeing it in theaters
It is a very intense movie though so just be prepared 
Then as we were leaving the theater I couldnt find my phone...
I had it out before the movie so I knew It was somewhere!
Well Hubby was sweet and went back in the theater only to return with no phone
He said he even had a girl that worked there look in the bathroom
Well I go to dig in my purse and yup there it was... Oops
Well we had planned to go to the gun range to fire off some rounds after the movie
but because of my "lost phone" incident we got there to late to get a lane
So what better to do then shoot guns but go to the tattoo shop!!
Tyler had been talking about getting another tattoo so we figured what the heck 
This was the outcome
It says "Amor Vincit Omnia" which means "Love Conquers All"
I love it!
The rest of our Saturday consisted of Hubby screaming at the TV watching Football
So January 12, 2013 goes down in history as an epic Man Day

Sunday was probably the prettiest weather day we've had in Charlotte in a while
So we just hung out at the house and I took the dogs for a walk
Needless to say they are out of shape from winter resting and they both took hardcore naps after 
They honestly both didnt move for a good hour!
I did laundry and house stuff while Hubby yelled at the TV all day again
He did make an amazing dinner though

I'm so glad I married a man that can cook!

The rest of the week was crappy weather and work (boo)
Roxy wasnt happy about not being able to play outside
Notice the rain boots.. it rained ALL WEEK
We also were supposed to get snow Thursday night but where we live all we got was more rain, which froze and made our grass crunchy and didn't get us out of work 
Last night was fun though
It was Pizza and Cocktails night!!
(It's normally Pizza and Beer night but it's No Beer January at our house)
We also rented Pitch Perfect which meant LOTS of laughing 
Thats another movie that if you havent seen it... SEE IT NOW
And that brings us to today

Hubby is playing Xbox
The girls are napping
And I'm playing on my computer while watching Youtube videos on the Ipad

I love our Saturday mornings as a little family
And I hate to admit it but I love that we have no plans this weekend
I plan on just going with the flow and enjoying every second

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