Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 1 (on day 4)

Happy Friday!
Today I'm starting my 30 days... 
Day One
Introduce, Recent Picture, & 15 Facts 

So the short introduction:
Hey ya'll its Bekah!!
 I'm 25 (Ah that hurts to say), I'm married to an amazing man named Hubby.. I mean Tyler, and I'm a mommy to 2 fur babies Roxy and Zoey. I'm a city girl living in the country. Oh yeah and I work a grown up 8-5... boring

 Recent picture:

That is totally an instagram photo but I'm in love with my jacket so I take any chance to show it off

1. My eyes are hazel (I lied on my drivers license and it says green)
2. I'm adopted
3. I lived in the same room my entire life (well up untill I got married)
4. My favorite color is pink.... oh really?
5. I've been in 9 wrecks
6. I have an awesome big sister who is 4 inches shorter then me
7. I got a go kart when I was 8
8. My hair has been every color you can imagine
9. I almost didn't graduate high school because of German
10. I played soccer when I was 5.. I "played" in one game and never went back
11. I started dancing when I was 3
12. I have 2 half sisters and a half brother
13. I used to tell people my name was Ariel (I wanted to be the little mermaid)
14. Hubby and I dated for 7 months in "secret" 
15. My dad is the president of a motorcycle club

Stay tuned for day 2!

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