Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Like From a Turkey

When I got the mail today there was box for Hubby....
Of course since it had his name on it I didn't open it 

When he got home he got all excited and said it was one of my Christmas presents!

Well Hubby has a problem keeping secrets from me....
So after dinner he told me he couldn't wait any longer and wanted to give me my present NOW
He got me a wishbone necklace!!!

If you knew my husband you'd know that before today he has given me a total of 2 pieces of jewelry
 I'm wearing them both on my left hand
He just isn't a big jewelry guy
So the fact that he got me this necklace is a HUGE deal!
He made me close my eyes and put it on me and as soon as I felt it on my neck I was squealing!
Once I looked at saw what it was he explained that he got the wishbone because:
  1. I'm his "wish come true"
  2. He cooks a lot and its a wishbone "like from a turkey"
I love that he added the "like from a turkey" part because just saying I'm his wish come true would be too sappy

  Then he added "Merry early Christmas and happy period"
Yup it's that lovely time on the month which means Bekah is in full bitch mode so I guess he felt like an early Christmas present would help smooth the waters and shut me up for a while (it totally worked)
And he is now in his man room watching a movie while I play on my computer in peace and quiet
(again great decision for hell week... just stay out of my way)

In other words
I have the best husband ever!

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