Sunday, October 28, 2012


It really hit me yesterday that Tyler and I truly treat our dogs like our children. 
Roxy wouldnt eat her dog food yesterday monring because she knew we were having eggs and bacon, which in turn always means that SHE will be having eggs and bacon
If I was her I wouldn't eat my dry dog food either!

Speaking of food, we had to get the girls dog food yesterday and we spent 15 minuets reading all the ingredients on the different dog foods and ended up buying the most expensive bag of dog food I've ever seen.... It's made with real Bison and is grain free and made with purified water.
This is a big deal!
You're talking to a girl who would rather eat hotdogs because they're on sale and we have coupons then spend the money to eat steak.
But we just spent way to much money on dry dog food.... WITHOUT a coupon!
The fact that Tyler got on board with the ridiculously expensive dog food really suprised me though.
But in his words "They're like our kids... we wouldn't feed our kids crap so why are we feeding our dogs crap"
I'm so glad I turned him into a dog person!!!

On to our little Zoey Chanel...
The child I mean puppy.. is spoiled rotten!!
Every time we let her outside home girl can't be bothered with walking her tiny little butt all the way back in the house by herself.
Instead once she is done doing her business and her sister already has come back in the house, miss priss will sit down, then roll over on her back and just wait to be picked up and brought in the house.

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