Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spoiled much?

I made the worst cup of coffee ever this morning
Which has resulted in feeling like a zombie all day
I'm spoiled by my Tassimo and running out of coffee for it never needs to happen ever again
Clearly I don't know how to use a normal coffee pot anymore

Seriously folks

So my plan was to make a switch of my awful coffee with good stuff at the parents house
My dad makes coffee that will make your chest hair grow and its wonderful

 Usually when I get to my parents to drop Roxy off I'm greeted with the smell of yummy coffee
So I clutched my travel mug full of grossness and waltzed in only to find no parents and no coffee

I'll admit I was NOT happy
And seeing that I was running late (as usual), Starbucks wasn't an option

However I have forgiven the parental units but I hope this doesn't ever happen again

Girl needs her coffee fix!

1 comment:

Faith said...

Hahaha it is a good thing I don't like coffee!