Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Today I figured I'd link up with Meg at Mackey Madness

I've been MIA over the weekend and am still totally lost for what to blog about!

This is a great way to cure my blog block :)

Sometimes: I hate that we don't have internet at our house
Always: I'm thankful that I have a great Hubby and Puppy to entertain me instead of sitting with my computer in my lap 24/7

Sometimes: I really wish I knew how to cook
Always: I realize Tyler is a fabulous cook and there is no need for me to learn

Sometimes: It drives me nuts driving a 5 speed in traffic
Always: I get a rush being able to drive like a race car driver on the country roads near my house

Sometimes: Roxy makes me crazy when it's just us at home all day and she barks to go out every 5 minuets then doesn't even pee
Always: I'm so proud when she rings her "potty bell" to go out when she actually needs to go

Sometimes: I say I'm giving up dairy for good (i'm allergic)
Always: I end up at the grocery store buying a block of cheese for no reason

Sometimes: I say I'm done wasting money on Redbox because I always forget to return the movies
Always: I see a movie I just HAVE to see... then keep it for 2 weeks on accident


lori said...

my hubs and i always forget to return movies! i seriously had to stop renting them, because it would be cheaper to just buy everything!

Alyssa said...

I'm allergic to dairy too and I "cheat" way more than I should!