Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puppy Love

So have I mentioned that Hubby is absolutely in LOVE with Roxy?

It's pretty stinkin cute

I'm glad he is such a good puppy-dad
I figure that means he'll be an even better baby-daddy (yup just said that)
At my parents watching the Super Bowl with Roxy and Casper in his lap

Learning how to "lay down"

Massive ears (we think she looks like fox because of her ears)
See what I mean?
Oh and don't google "fox ears" ... It's a bunch of random girls with fake fox ears on??

Giving "kisses"

She is learning really fast and it's mostly from Tyler working with her
They also have this routine called the "food dance"

I'll have to video it 
Tyler dances around shaking her food container and Roxy jumps all over the place
For reals it's one of the funniest things ever

And if I try to do the "food dance" Roxy just stares at me because obviously I don't do it right

I'm already that lame mom....

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