Monday, February 13, 2012


I came across this video on 5ohwifey's blog and it hit me hard.

Abortions are something I am strongly against.
I've always felt that if my birth mother was strong enough at 16 years old to carry me to term.
Then give me up to a loving family that otherwise wouldn't have been able to have a second child, anyone can.

Abortion is not a form of birth control people.
It is murder.
Once there is a heart beat that child has a soul and is meant to be in this world.

Yes it's a long video but totally worth the watch. 
I'm so thankful everyday that I was lucky enough to not be one of those 53+ million "unwanted" babies. You can say it is right to be "pro choice because of different situations" but there are plenty of families out there who would LOVE a baby but can't have one, and wouldn't care what gender/race/situation that life comes from. 
 I will say though, I think that adoption needs to be more affordable. 
There are too many children without homes simply because people cant afford all of the legal fees.... 
Ok my rant is over... 
This is just something that has been and always will be something I feel very strongly about.

Man two serious posts in a row... what in the world is going on with me!
Sorry guys
Tomorrow will be about something absolutely ridiculous I promise :)

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