Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch Dates and Cupcakes

Since Hubby and I met we have been in a retail/restaurant relationship.
By that I don't been shopping and dinner dates
I wish that was the case
I mean we both work crazy hours, 6 or 7 day weeks, and have never had a weekend together
Unless you count our wedding weekend
But I'm proud to announce that Hubby starts a 8-5 job on Thursday!

I know I've already talked about it but I'm really excited!

This means lunch dates (on my days off during the week)
Yes this is actually us out to lunch one day....
NOT, we're much prettier then them :)

Visiting him in his office
In reality we don't quite know what his office will look like
This is what it looks like in my head but Hubby keeps saying it's probably just a glorified closet since he is the "new guy"

Making goodies for him to take to work so everyone will know what a good wife I am
I'd NEVER wear this apron but I googled "housewife making cake"

Weekend trips to the mountains with the puppy
Our dog is much cuter then this one.... just sayin

And lots of other exciting stuff!

The only problem is that I need a 8-5 job too....

So the hunt is on.
This 10-8, 6 days a week, never seeing the light of day stuff has got to stop.
I'm ready for us to be a "normal" married couple

whatever that means

Gah this post is awful haha, this blogging block going on in my head needs to stop

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Faith said...

Yea I was so spoiled before with our schedule. Now hubby works Sat-Monday and I am off so it kinda stinks! Yay for hubby's new job! Good luck to you!