Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is Hubby's birthday!!
I feel bad that he is working all day, and so am I
I think we'll celebrate this weekend
Im determined to make him dinner one night this week!

So last year was his second birthday as my man but the first together that we actually got to celebrate.
Remember we dated on the DL until May of 2010
SOOO I went all out last year
I also tied balloons to his side mirrors and made him wear a "birthday boy" button at work
(I made sure his employees knew he had to wear it all day)

Tyler was NOT happy
He hates being the center of attention and I made damn sure he was in the spotlight

I promised I wouldnt do anything like that this year
He better watch out though
When he turns 30 it's on
Ive got 2 years to plan so it's going to be EPIC


1 comment:

Faith said...

so sweet what you did last year, hehe. secretly he loved it, haha.

but yes, 2 years to plan the big one!!

happy birthday to your hubby!