Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giving it up

Even though I'm not Catholic I try to give something up for Lent every year
Normally I last about week then give in to temptation
However this year I'm for real DETERMINED

This year my friends I'm giving up beer

Don't go thinking I'm a crazy alcoholic but I'll admit I really enjoy a nice cold beer after work

But it is adding to my waist line and taking away from my checking account

Just like my goal to not eat out for lunch while I'm at work to save $7 a day
Not drinking a beer (or two) will save money and an average of 200 calories a day

That adds up to money in my pocket to be spent on fun stuff like make up
And subtracts lbs on the old bathroom scale

Notice though I just said beer

This girl couldn't go a whole 40 days with out a margarita or a bottle glass of wine now and then!

Last beer for 40 days

You better believe I had three one too many last night
(Turbie Twist made another car ride appearance this morning, Roxy was scared to death)

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