Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A blue tounge is very professional

I'm so glad I'm having to re-write this whole post because I hit the back button on accident and it erased all of my hard work..... EPIC FAIL!

So in my neck of the woods we well I call any remote a button
Que Day 7: Button
And seeing that I'm wearing nothing with buttons on it today 
YAY for stretchy pants
This is what I came up with
It is a button to one of the adjustable beds here at work...

In other news
This sweet little doll face angle baby puked in mommy's car on the way to Nanna's this morning
This was after the puke and I feel like she is saying "mom I hate this"
Usually if she pukes she doesnt do it till were almost at my parents house
This morning though she got herself so worked up before she even got in the car she puked right as we were pulling out of our neighborhood
Mind you we're the first house on the block....
I feel so bad for her!
The vet said to give her benadryl but that seems crazy to do every morning
Once Hubby starts his new job he will be getting up earlier in the am so hopefully we will wake up with him and she will have a chance to wake up and calm down before we get in the car
This morning I literally had to drag her out of her crate as I'm rushing to leave the house on time
And she immediately started drooling like a raccoon with rabies
Bless her little heart
 Oh and mom made me wipe her (Roxy not my mother) down with vinegar once we got to her house
According to mom "the bacteria from her drooling will make her smell!"
But vinegar smells good??

Also I decided it was a bad idea to bring a blue air head to work
Cute huh?
Next time it's Mystery flavor for me

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Faith said...

i love the blue air head! so delish. now i need to buy some air heads ... haven't had those in a while!