Sunday, February 12, 2012

The B word

I'm not even gonna lie I'm failing at this blogging stuff.
Working 6 days a week isn't helping my case.

This is going to be a serious post because it's something that is really bugging me right now.
The dreaded B word...
No not that B word...


Hubby and I are working our tails off to get out of debt and save money.
Between student loans, bad credit card decisions in years past, my bright idea to buy a brand new car when I was 20 (car payments are the worst thing ever), and other things, we're broke!

Not in a "we can't pay our power bill this month" broke,
but in a "I can't go to Target and buy anything I want" broke.

We finally have decided that we need to get serious about saving money and I'll admit it is kinda scary putting this out in the open.
Everyone these days tries to act like they're doing great when in reality, most people are struggling to make ends meet. 
I don't want to get to that point where we can't even pay our bills, like so many families are.

We agreed to no longer use any credit cards for ANYTHING.
Instead of using our tax refund to buy new furniture (which I'd personally LOVE to do) we're using it to pay off some debt then putting the rest in savings.
We're cutting back on frivolous spending 
(a.k.a. redbox movies we keep for a week and never watch, random makeup that I just HAVE TO HAVE but never use, beer for random Wednesday nights that does not need to happen seeing that I'm trying to lose weight anyways, etc)
And the hardest part for me..... 
We're going to use coupons for as much of our grocery/cleaning/bathroom stuff as possible.

I love the act of buying my 4 papers a week and cutting them out and organizing them in my cute little coupon binder.
I hate trying to figure out how to use them.
I'm awful at it.
For example I was all determined to go to the grocery store and use my coupons.
Instead I went to a different grocery store that was 2 minuets closer to the house and didn't use one coupon AND ended up getting a movie from redbox which I said I wouldn't do anymore.
See I'm awful at it.

Some goals I've laid out for February are as follows:
  1. Add $500 to our savings (including what comes from tax refund)
  2. Start the Snowball debt payoff program (from Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book)
  3. Use coupons for every grocery store trip (already failed on that one)
  4. Take lunch to work everyday instead of buying out
We can and will succeed at this!
We gotta be able to somewhat afford to have babies at some point :)


Faith said...

i love the snowball debt payoff program. it is the smartest thing ever.

and i never thought i would like coupon clipping but it feel so great to get something for less! why spend more if i don't have to? and taking lunch to work is really the smartest thing to do because 5-10 dollars a day buying lunch adds up!

good luck ... you can and will succeed!!

Married...with a Pup said...

The best of luck to you! If you find a secret to using coupons at the grocery store, let me know! I'm never a success at those!

Allison said...

I love to budget for each month and coupon for grocery shopping! I blog about it sometimes. It really is becoming an obsession!! New follower by the way!