Monday, January 16, 2012

Things Dad says

I forgot to add a conversation my sister and my parents had this weekend:
Lisa: So will yall still babysit if we have a third kid?
Mom: Of course we will! You know we love these babies!
Dad: *with an excited look on his face* Do you know what I just thought of! We could have 5 grand babies under the age of 10!!!
Lisa: You realize that means Tyler and Bekah would have to have 2 kids in the next 4 years right?
Dad: Yeah, its totally possible
Mom: Yeah she doesn't need to be old when she starts having kids
Lisa: *laughing* Yall can get bunk beds for the spare bedrooms for all the kids
Dad: *starts googling "bunk beds" even if he won't admit he did*

Lisa called me Friday night to tell me that took place. I confronted mom and dad about it yesterday and they're answers were the same. Mom starts talking about how old I'm getting (I'm not even 25) and I don't need to wait too long to have kids and how I need to have my first then get prego with the second when the first is "right around a year old, you don't want them too far apart"

Dad still won't admit the thought of the bunk beds crossed his mind.... I can guarantee you it did.


Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

It's great that your parents are excited to babysit! I wish my parents lived closer! Enjoy that for me, will ya? =) ...and try not to let yourself feel pressured to have kids. It's a major step that you should only take when you're good and ready. Babies are such a major blessing... and they also sap ALL of the energy out of you! =) That's where your parents will come in to save the day! lol. Have a great rest of your Monday!

Ashley said...

"Dad starts googling bunk beds" haha i love it. and i totally agree with becky....enjoy this time with your man - you all have your whole lives for babies...and your parents are going to be just as excited for it when it comes!

*Bekah* said...

Thanks guys, haha oh they know they'll by lucky to get one kid out of us in the next 4 years. I think they're happy with the grandpuppy right now.

Megan said...

Hahahaha!!! They are too funny!!

Bunnie said...

I love your blog!!!

your newest follower :)

follow me back? XOXO

*Bekah* said...

Thanks Bunnie <3 Follow button clicked! And your layout is fabulous (anything pink is perfection)