Monday, January 16, 2012

Roxy aka The Daredevil

So we have a dare devil on our hands ladies and gentleman....
Saturday and Sunday we left Roxy home alone for the first time while Tyler and I had to work.
She was only home for a few hours and she needs to learn to be alone sometimes.
I basically created a little play area for her in our kitchen by flipping over our rarely used kitchen table and blocking off part of the kitchen for her with her crate, food/water, toys and a pee pad.
Aka the perfect little puppy play place.
Saturday she did great!
Sunday... not so much.
I get a text from Tyler that reads "Guess who met me at the front door when I got home"
Yup she had escaped her play area! I asked him if she moved the table somehow "nope, she climbed her way out....."
This was before Tyler moved in which is why all the randomness is everywhere, the blacked in blob is where the fridge is, the thing labeled table is the... table, red is her route of travel
Basically what she did was she climbed on top of her crate (blue box), to the counter, walked across the sink (full of dirty dishes mind you), over the cook top, ate what was left of some soup on the counter (blue blob), up on the bar then took a flying leap off the bar to the floor. This is the same dog that still wont even climb up or jump off of our couch by herself, which is why it never crossed my mind that she would scale her crate to get out.....

Thank goodness she didn't tear anything up or poop all over the place. The only damage she did was dig all the dirt out of potted plant we had sitting by the back door. 
Also luckily she didn't hurt herself jumping down or eat the cold medicine that was sitting on the counter, or cut her tongue licking one of the knives sitting out to be washed... etc etc.
Other then this little episode she has been really good. Today she is staying with Nana and Pawpaw while Tyler and I are working. I don't trust her at home!  
It was cute too when we got to my parents house she ran to the front door and as soon as we went in my dad was calling her going "aww come see Pawpaw!!" *heart melts*.

On a good note something she has learned really quick is when she comes in from going potty she is supposed to sit down until we take her leash off
Oh and don't mind the purple tint, I have no idea why my camera does this to videos...

And here a three quick pictures that I'm loving
Sitting with Tyler while he reads

Tyler out in the cold with Roxy haha love him holding the pink leash :)
You know your a puppy mom when.... You have a dog toy in your purse at work (the green ring)

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