Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm such a baby

So I'm not even going to lie, when the lady at the Humane Society brought Roxy into the room to give her to me I almost started crying. 

I'm such a baby when it comes to stuff like that. I was just so excited to finally get her I was about to bust.

After we went over all of her paper work and I signed on the dotted line she was mine!
She was a snuggle bug when I carried her out to my car and I fell in love with her all over again.
Fast forward 10 minuets and we're on Tryon Rd and she is climbing all over me, I mean she was sitting on my shoulders like a bird which was very distracting so I got her over in the passenger seat and that's when then peeing started. No joke she peed like 6 times, little baby pee's but pee none the less. Oh well it's not like I could get mad at her I was so excited to be taking her home I didn't even let her pee before we got in the car. 

Then she looked at me and assumed the position..... Yup she pooped right there in the passenger seat of my car while I was navigating though ridiculous traffic. There was nothing either one of us could do. I just stared dieing laughing and told her it was "ok you can't help it". So then I'm steering, shifting and trying to keep her from stepping all in her mess while searching for the first parking lot to pull into.
Thank goodness I had a plastic bag in my car so I scooped the poop into it and we were back on her way. At least she got all of that out so we'll be good for the rest of the ride....


Not even 2 blocks later she starts drooling which turned into a huge pile of puke, again in my passenger seat. Bless her heart..... No lie she had successfully peed, pooed and thrown up her entire body weight within 15 minuets of me picking her up. 

After that we made it all the way to my parents neighborhood and she then proceeded to throw up two more times within feet of their drive way..... Needless to say it was an interesting first car ride. 

From there she got to play with Candy and Casper for a while (well Candy played with her Casper was too busy growling and trying not to have a heart attack at the thought of another puppy being brought into my parents house). She also met her cousin Clara who got very good at saying "No puppy!" very quickly. 

Then the ride to our house was pleasant. She basically slept the whole way and she has been a joy since we've had her. She sleeps all night in her crate (which gets moved from the den to our bedroom at night), she has only had 2 tiny accidents (aka: excitement piddles when her dad got home), and she loves to sit on Tyler's feet while he cooks at night and mine when I'm getting ready in the mornings. 

And a quick shout out to her Nana and Pawpaw for letting her hang out at their house while Tyler and I are at work.

I'm sure there will be more puppy adventures to come!

The pictures of her in the car are from the ride home (when she slept the whole time)


Faith said...

she is such a little cutie!

she must have been nervous or something ... you did a lot better handling that ... i would have been throwing up right along with her, haha.

*Bekah* said...

To be perfectly honest I don't know how I didn't puke, I have the weakest stomach known to man, guess it was the momma in me! I had to take care of my baby! Hahaha

Ashley said...

ahhh poor baby! so excited for you lady!!

*Bekah* said...

Thanks Ashley! I'm so happy to finally have a fur baby!