Thursday, January 26, 2012

Health Spa

For the past week I've been working in our location in Concord and to be blunt I think there is either a drug distribution center and or brothel right next door.
Yup the sign just says "Health" then on the door it says "Spa" and has a phone number which if I'm right is a cell phone... Add the cheap blinds and bamboo shade on the door and you my friend have a place I never want to go.
The open sign is never on and I never see anyone go in or out of the front door?

Also there will either be silence or weird noises.

Like today for instance it sounds like they are spaying a fire hose against the walls.

No joke.

And a few weeks ago it sounded like an industrial sized fan was going full force for about an hour in the middle of the day. 

I think this mystery will go unsolved forever.

On a side note I've decided I do not like "fruit on the bottom" yogurt. 
I've tried to talk myself into it and I just cant, the weird globs never look like the fruit they're supposed to be and it grosses me out. 

I also feel like a zombie today (which is why I feel like this post doesnt make sense), I got maybe 5 hours of sleep and have 9 more hours to go on this 14 hour day.
Who is ready for Friday off? THIS GIRL!

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