Monday, January 9, 2012


Wow I've been an awful blogger. At this point I don't think I can even begin to call myself a blogger haha.

Sorry about the lack of updates on my majestical life I've been working a lot.

And yes I do most of my blogging at work but I just have either not had time or I'll start to blog and get irritated with my computer and say "screw it". No joke over the past 2 weeks I've probably started
at least 5 entries and not finished any of them. 
Right now though I am at work and I'm anxiously waiting on a phone call from the Humane Society....

We're getting a dog!


I'm so excited you have no idea. Her name is Roxy and she is a mix of border collie/cattle dog/sheepdog and who knows what else and she is an absolute doll baby. She is 2 months old and such a cuddle bug.
This is her picture off the Humane Society website (which is why it looks like a puppy mug shot)

No she isn't the 4lb toy poodle I imagined I wanted but she is perfect. While I'm sad that I won't be able to fit her in my purse and tote her everywhere with me she is going to be a great family pet for years to come.

Tyler already bought a reflective leash so he can run with her in the evenings, and the dog has more toys then I had growing up. We have been "nesting" all weekend, or at least I have haha. Trying to get the house ready for a puppy.

I also have been having nightmares that another family somehow got her instead of us and it was awful.
If they don't call me soon I'll be calling them just to make sure this little bundle of joy is MINE!

So yes starting tomorrow my little slice of blogger heaven will include stories of Roxane 
the border collie mix! It's gonna get interesting up in here.....


Faith said...

so exciting! congrats on your new addition! and for rescuing her, she is a cutie!

we just got our dog from the Humane Society 3 weeks ago ... she is like a complete part of the family and i can't imagine life without her now.

*Bekah* said...

Yay for adopting! Ha I was second guessing my decision because of her being a bigger dog then I had planned on and Tyler told me I couldn't change my mind because I'd already promised her I'd bring her home and we can't go back on a promise.

I'm so glad I decided on rescuing a dog, it makes my heart happy.