Tuesday, January 24, 2012

101 things in 1001 days

So I'm sure you've heard of the 101 things in 1001 days list?

Well basically its exactly what I said, a list of 101 things (that you come up with) to accomplish in 1001 days.
This is my list! I started it on December 17, 2011 and must finish it by September 12, 2014.

So far these are the things I've completed:
3. Get a dog  Roxy 1/10/12
53. Finish a book in one sitting Anthem 12/20/11
68. Find out about birth parents 1/17/12 (I'll address this in a future post)
Basically I'm not as far along as I hoped I'd be but I've got plenty of time :) I plan on posting pictures of things when I accomplish them. Some I admit are silly like 99. Wear clip in hair one day.

I know I don't have a picture of me reading Anthem or my birth parents but oh well deal with it haha.

On to some randomness for the day!
I ordered a Erin Condren planner and it needs to hurry up and be put in my mail box! 
My planner is driving me crazy, it has stuff falling out all over the place and just is a hot mess.
See! A mess!

And I'll leave you with this picture....
Tell me what I'm doing and what movie it's from and you'll be my friend forever yo (I'll admit its totally inappropriate and I don't even care, I'm all jacked up on coffee and am bored at work).

<3 Bekah


Faith said...

i need to do something like that ... it will make me actually do things that i want to do and keep me accountable.

i wish i knew what movie that picture is copied from ... because it's hilarious, haha.

*Bekah* said...

It for sure has been fun (even if I only have a few things marked off) and the fact that I have over 3 years to complete it doesn't stress me out haha. And it's fun stuff which is good!

And I'll give you a hint, it's from Bridesmaids :)