Thursday, January 26, 2012

Health Spa

For the past week I've been working in our location in Concord and to be blunt I think there is either a drug distribution center and or brothel right next door.
Yup the sign just says "Health" then on the door it says "Spa" and has a phone number which if I'm right is a cell phone... Add the cheap blinds and bamboo shade on the door and you my friend have a place I never want to go.
The open sign is never on and I never see anyone go in or out of the front door?

Also there will either be silence or weird noises.

Like today for instance it sounds like they are spaying a fire hose against the walls.

No joke.

And a few weeks ago it sounded like an industrial sized fan was going full force for about an hour in the middle of the day. 

I think this mystery will go unsolved forever.

On a side note I've decided I do not like "fruit on the bottom" yogurt. 
I've tried to talk myself into it and I just cant, the weird globs never look like the fruit they're supposed to be and it grosses me out. 

I also feel like a zombie today (which is why I feel like this post doesnt make sense), I got maybe 5 hours of sleep and have 9 more hours to go on this 14 hour day.
Who is ready for Friday off? THIS GIRL!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Button, button, whose got the button?

Yup ladies I made a button!
It isn't quite as fancy as some other ones I've seen but it's mine and I'm proud to say the least!
Check it out in my side bar!

Also in exciting news...

It came in the mail yesterday and Hubby was upset when he saw the box wasn't for him haha. Evidently he ordered some books from Amazon and thought it was for him.

Nope, I win :)

How cute right? And it is super organized which I love, there are tabs for each month, and it even has a plastic zip pouch to hold randomness in.
They also included some cute labels with my name on them for free!
It's from Erin Condren and is the On the Go Life Planner. 
If you're in need of a new planner and are OCD like I am you need this in your life ASAP.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

101 things in 1001 days

So I'm sure you've heard of the 101 things in 1001 days list?

Well basically its exactly what I said, a list of 101 things (that you come up with) to accomplish in 1001 days.
This is my list! I started it on December 17, 2011 and must finish it by September 12, 2014.

So far these are the things I've completed:
3. Get a dog  Roxy 1/10/12
53. Finish a book in one sitting Anthem 12/20/11
68. Find out about birth parents 1/17/12 (I'll address this in a future post)
Basically I'm not as far along as I hoped I'd be but I've got plenty of time :) I plan on posting pictures of things when I accomplish them. Some I admit are silly like 99. Wear clip in hair one day.

I know I don't have a picture of me reading Anthem or my birth parents but oh well deal with it haha.

On to some randomness for the day!
I ordered a Erin Condren planner and it needs to hurry up and be put in my mail box! 
My planner is driving me crazy, it has stuff falling out all over the place and just is a hot mess.
See! A mess!

And I'll leave you with this picture....
Tell me what I'm doing and what movie it's from and you'll be my friend forever yo (I'll admit its totally inappropriate and I don't even care, I'm all jacked up on coffee and am bored at work).

<3 Bekah

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lookin Fly

This was me yesterday..

I made the worst decision ever and decided to wear a turtle neck and immediately regretted my decision.

My mother honestly wears turtle necks every day if it is under 70* and after yesterday I don't know how she does it.

I basically spent the entire day at work with my face in the neck of my shirt trying to stretch it out because it was making me SOOOO claustrophobic.
At one point it was making me so crazy I thought I was going to puke on a customer and had to excuse myself to tug on my neck to stretch it out, and drink some water. 

Oh and I promise the outfit was a lot cuter then it looks in this picture haha. I had on black pants (Target) and a slouchy blue sweater (Belks- yes ladies I still shop at Belk's). And of course the turtle neck (J-Crew... see J-Crew says turtle necks are cool).

In conclusion I will never wear a turtle neck again and someone shopping at goodwill will get a great deal on a J-Crew medium size turtle neck that I paid way to much money for in a moment of obvious insanity.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Things Dad says

I forgot to add a conversation my sister and my parents had this weekend:
Lisa: So will yall still babysit if we have a third kid?
Mom: Of course we will! You know we love these babies!
Dad: *with an excited look on his face* Do you know what I just thought of! We could have 5 grand babies under the age of 10!!!
Lisa: You realize that means Tyler and Bekah would have to have 2 kids in the next 4 years right?
Dad: Yeah, its totally possible
Mom: Yeah she doesn't need to be old when she starts having kids
Lisa: *laughing* Yall can get bunk beds for the spare bedrooms for all the kids
Dad: *starts googling "bunk beds" even if he won't admit he did*

Lisa called me Friday night to tell me that took place. I confronted mom and dad about it yesterday and they're answers were the same. Mom starts talking about how old I'm getting (I'm not even 25) and I don't need to wait too long to have kids and how I need to have my first then get prego with the second when the first is "right around a year old, you don't want them too far apart"

Dad still won't admit the thought of the bunk beds crossed his mind.... I can guarantee you it did.

Roxy aka The Daredevil

So we have a dare devil on our hands ladies and gentleman....
Saturday and Sunday we left Roxy home alone for the first time while Tyler and I had to work.
She was only home for a few hours and she needs to learn to be alone sometimes.
I basically created a little play area for her in our kitchen by flipping over our rarely used kitchen table and blocking off part of the kitchen for her with her crate, food/water, toys and a pee pad.
Aka the perfect little puppy play place.
Saturday she did great!
Sunday... not so much.
I get a text from Tyler that reads "Guess who met me at the front door when I got home"
Yup she had escaped her play area! I asked him if she moved the table somehow "nope, she climbed her way out....."
This was before Tyler moved in which is why all the randomness is everywhere, the blacked in blob is where the fridge is, the thing labeled table is the... table, red is her route of travel
Basically what she did was she climbed on top of her crate (blue box), to the counter, walked across the sink (full of dirty dishes mind you), over the cook top, ate what was left of some soup on the counter (blue blob), up on the bar then took a flying leap off the bar to the floor. This is the same dog that still wont even climb up or jump off of our couch by herself, which is why it never crossed my mind that she would scale her crate to get out.....

Thank goodness she didn't tear anything up or poop all over the place. The only damage she did was dig all the dirt out of potted plant we had sitting by the back door. 
Also luckily she didn't hurt herself jumping down or eat the cold medicine that was sitting on the counter, or cut her tongue licking one of the knives sitting out to be washed... etc etc.
Other then this little episode she has been really good. Today she is staying with Nana and Pawpaw while Tyler and I are working. I don't trust her at home!  
It was cute too when we got to my parents house she ran to the front door and as soon as we went in my dad was calling her going "aww come see Pawpaw!!" *heart melts*.

On a good note something she has learned really quick is when she comes in from going potty she is supposed to sit down until we take her leash off
Oh and don't mind the purple tint, I have no idea why my camera does this to videos...

And here a three quick pictures that I'm loving
Sitting with Tyler while he reads

Tyler out in the cold with Roxy haha love him holding the pink leash :)
You know your a puppy mom when.... You have a dog toy in your purse at work (the green ring)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm such a baby

So I'm not even going to lie, when the lady at the Humane Society brought Roxy into the room to give her to me I almost started crying. 

I'm such a baby when it comes to stuff like that. I was just so excited to finally get her I was about to bust.

After we went over all of her paper work and I signed on the dotted line she was mine!
She was a snuggle bug when I carried her out to my car and I fell in love with her all over again.
Fast forward 10 minuets and we're on Tryon Rd and she is climbing all over me, I mean she was sitting on my shoulders like a bird which was very distracting so I got her over in the passenger seat and that's when then peeing started. No joke she peed like 6 times, little baby pee's but pee none the less. Oh well it's not like I could get mad at her I was so excited to be taking her home I didn't even let her pee before we got in the car. 

Then she looked at me and assumed the position..... Yup she pooped right there in the passenger seat of my car while I was navigating though ridiculous traffic. There was nothing either one of us could do. I just stared dieing laughing and told her it was "ok you can't help it". So then I'm steering, shifting and trying to keep her from stepping all in her mess while searching for the first parking lot to pull into.
Thank goodness I had a plastic bag in my car so I scooped the poop into it and we were back on her way. At least she got all of that out so we'll be good for the rest of the ride....


Not even 2 blocks later she starts drooling which turned into a huge pile of puke, again in my passenger seat. Bless her heart..... No lie she had successfully peed, pooed and thrown up her entire body weight within 15 minuets of me picking her up. 

After that we made it all the way to my parents neighborhood and she then proceeded to throw up two more times within feet of their drive way..... Needless to say it was an interesting first car ride. 

From there she got to play with Candy and Casper for a while (well Candy played with her Casper was too busy growling and trying not to have a heart attack at the thought of another puppy being brought into my parents house). She also met her cousin Clara who got very good at saying "No puppy!" very quickly. 

Then the ride to our house was pleasant. She basically slept the whole way and she has been a joy since we've had her. She sleeps all night in her crate (which gets moved from the den to our bedroom at night), she has only had 2 tiny accidents (aka: excitement piddles when her dad got home), and she loves to sit on Tyler's feet while he cooks at night and mine when I'm getting ready in the mornings. 

And a quick shout out to her Nana and Pawpaw for letting her hang out at their house while Tyler and I are at work.

I'm sure there will be more puppy adventures to come!

The pictures of her in the car are from the ride home (when she slept the whole time)

Monday, January 9, 2012


Wow I've been an awful blogger. At this point I don't think I can even begin to call myself a blogger haha.

Sorry about the lack of updates on my majestical life I've been working a lot.

And yes I do most of my blogging at work but I just have either not had time or I'll start to blog and get irritated with my computer and say "screw it". No joke over the past 2 weeks I've probably started
at least 5 entries and not finished any of them. 
Right now though I am at work and I'm anxiously waiting on a phone call from the Humane Society....

We're getting a dog!


I'm so excited you have no idea. Her name is Roxy and she is a mix of border collie/cattle dog/sheepdog and who knows what else and she is an absolute doll baby. She is 2 months old and such a cuddle bug.
This is her picture off the Humane Society website (which is why it looks like a puppy mug shot)

No she isn't the 4lb toy poodle I imagined I wanted but she is perfect. While I'm sad that I won't be able to fit her in my purse and tote her everywhere with me she is going to be a great family pet for years to come.

Tyler already bought a reflective leash so he can run with her in the evenings, and the dog has more toys then I had growing up. We have been "nesting" all weekend, or at least I have haha. Trying to get the house ready for a puppy.

I also have been having nightmares that another family somehow got her instead of us and it was awful.
If they don't call me soon I'll be calling them just to make sure this little bundle of joy is MINE!

So yes starting tomorrow my little slice of blogger heaven will include stories of Roxane 
the border collie mix! It's gonna get interesting up in here.....