Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our home Part 1

I decided to start a "series" about our home,
Right now the Hubby and I are living in a cute little 3 bedroom house out in the country.
This was taken last November before Hubby moved in back in February.

Here is our house lit up for Christmas this year (and my huge pink and green wreath that the inlaws got me). 
Right now I only have pictures of one room that's really done, I need to take more pictures and will get that done soon.

This is Tyler's office before and after, we painted and he put up chair railing, and decorated. I love it, its so cozy and full of books (which you can't really see from this picture but he has 3 bookshelves packed full).

Next time I update I'll do the master bedroom and bath. They're GREAT :)


Ashley H said...

I love the chair railing! & wow - those windows - lots of light!

*Bekah* said...

Thanks dear, yes when those curtains are tied back its like being outside :)