Saturday, December 17, 2011


I figured I'd do a whose who of my blog, aka who will and has been mentioned on my little corner of the world wide web (do people even call it that anymore?)
So we'll start with ME!
I'm 24, was born in Ohio, lived in Charlotte NC my entire life, in fact unlike most people I know I lived in the same bedroom from the day I came home from Ohio (I was adopted) till the day I got married. Other then these past 3 months of marriage the longest I had ever been away from home was 3 weeks on a trip to Canada (I cried alot the first week, I haven't cried at all since I got married no worries haha, I do miss my hot pink bedroom though).  I'm clumsy, a little spastic, love the color pink, slightly add, and severely anxious. And I'm married to the man of my dreams Tyler......

He is from a small town in Virginia but was lucky enough to move to Charlotte for college (he graduated from Queens University) where he stayed and met me in the fall of 2009! He can't sit still, loves to cook (yum), books are his favorite, is the biggest UNC fans EVER, and loves me :)

This is my BFF Ashleigh, before I got hitched we had the same last name but we're not related! She is my taller, blonder twin. She is getting married in April and I couldn't be more excited!

This is my other best friend, aka my big sister Lisa. We're basically opposites but it totally works. We're 10 years apart and haven't always gotten along but the older we get the closer we get which works for me!
These are my sweet nieces Clara and Ella, the little one is bigger now and so is the bigger one. Clara is 2 and Ella is 6. They are both absolutely nuts and I love it. Oh and they're pretty cute too, I don't want them to ever grow up and I tell them that all the time, however they aren't listening at all. In fact I told Ella this yesterday and she just stared at me then ran off haha.

These adorable people are my parents. They have helped shaped me into who I am today, I was totally spoiled by my dad growing up, and mom spent countless hours driving me from dance to piano to gymnastics etc. I love them both so much and are so lucky to have been specially picked to be lucky enough to be their daughter <3

There are a lot more amazing/beautiful people in my life and I could go on forever but to be honest my battery is dying on my computer and I totally spaced and left my charger at home... imagine that!

Anyways :) WELCOME TO MY LIFE!!!!


Katie Moffitt said...

Aw very cute idea, its great you have such a wonderful support system! I love the picture of you in your wedding dress, you look stunning!!

*Bekah* said...

Thanks :) Yes I'm a very lucky girl!