Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gonna get fit ya'll

Hubs and I have made a joint decision to not do traditional Christmas gifts (the whole trying to figure out what the other one wants, then guessing, and stressing out, blah blah) and we're getting two things we both have been wanting.

Dont get too excited people.....

I'm getting the P.I.N.K method videos and Tyler is getting P90x. And we're both pretty freakin excited.

Yes it sounds really lame that we are excited about work out programs but its something we both have wanted for a while now and we figured why not do it now? We have gym memberships but living in the middle of nowhere is killing that dream. Tyler will go every once in a while if he gets off work early but if I went to the gym I'd either have to leave our house at like 6:30-7am every day and not get home till 9 after work or go when I got off then not get home till 11. Neither of those are good options in my book. I'd rather work out in my living room with my husband haha so at least we can spend some time together.

So add keeping track of our progress once we get our programs to the list of the *Things to do involving my blog* list.

Wish us luck!!!!

<3 Bekah


Katie Moffitt said...

I just came across your blog and have been doing some light reading ;) I love it so far! Just had to comment on this...I got P90X about a year ago, and my boyfriend LOVED it and I struggled. It truly is a great method for guys, but I had a hard time with it. Let me know if you new workout goes well, I am in need of something else to try! Happy Holidays :)

*Bekah* said...

Yeah we tried it about a year ago (I borrowed it from my bro-in-law) and it kicked my butt, the Hubby loved it though! Thats why we decided to get the p90 for him and PINK for me :) we'll see how it goes haha

Oh! and thanks for the follow!!