Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I spent quite a while yesterday searching and "following" blogs and I sign on today to find NONE of them saved on my dashboard...... Not even gonna lie, I'm not a happy camper. I don't quite understand why it didn't save any of them? I'll never be good at this internet stuff I swear.

In other news today at work was ridiculous, not one customer that came in was looking for a mattress (I work at a mattress store btw). One lady came in asking if we sold area rugs, a couple came in looking for a headboard, and another guy came in looking for a side board for his bed because his broke? How random of a day is that!?

Wifewise I am sick with puppy fever, like BAD. Then to make it worse two of the owners of the company I work for have cockerspaniel's (they're sisters, the puppies, not the owners) that are just over a year old and then today at the meeting they had two 6 week old puppies with them!! Oh my goodness I about died of cuteness overload. Tyler still won't let me get a dog which I understand because we both work crazy hours and puppies are expensive. But I still bring up the puppy issue at least once a day. At least I don't want a baby yet!

Also I've decided I'm going to read more. I just started a book today called Prep. I've read it before but it's been a few years so I figured why not read it again? I figure I'll go through all the books on my shelf, there are some I still haven't even cracked the spine of yet. Tyler and I also have started reading in bed, it's silly and he says it's like we're an old couple already but I think it's sweet. We agreed to not put a tv in our bedroom and we can only sit on our couch and watch our 3 channels for so long before it just gets boring (and uncomfortable! If you've seen our couch you'd understand. New furniture is on the long list of "needs/wants" for our house), so I figure I'll be able to get quite a few books knocked out in the next few months. I'll keep you updated on what I'm reading!

I'd like to apologize too for how boring these posts all look with no pictures. Like I've said a million times we don't have internet at home. I'm lucky enough to have it at work now but I don't want to put pictures on the work computers. I'll break down though and get a zip drive or whatever its called so I can transfer pictures on to it then upload them onto my blog so it will be more interesting, maybe :)

Alright it's closing time and I'm ready to get home to my hubby!!!!

<3 Bekah


Jessi said...

Oh boy. I hate when I go follow blogs and I run into all sorts of issues. Sometimes it won't even let me follow. Makes me SO angry!

*Bekah* said...

For reals! Where I work I go to different locations throughout the week and every computer I get on and sign into Blogger from shows a different list of blogs on my dashboard..... SOOOO frustrating!