Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Clouds = Slow day

I'm at work as I write this and let me just tell you how exciting my day has been.... I've seen one person so far and she was this older lady who had just had lunch and her friend was talking about organic latex beds so she stopped in to see if we had those... "No ma'am but they are made with a soy base, maybe thats what your friend was talking about?" "No I don't think thats it, you see she is from California and everything there is organic, the east coast just hasnt caught on."
Needless to say she didn't buy a mattress haha.

So I've spent my day watching movies, clipping coupons (that will most likely never get used), and searching blogs.

The movies I watched to day are Water for Elephants (AMAZEBALLS!), The Help (FANTASTIC), What's Your Number (didn't really pay attention to be honest), and I just started Dear John but I've heard its wonderful and I'll probably cry, and seeing that I'm PMS'ing like a crazy person I'll probably cry during the movie and then again when I get home to my poor husband who will have to listen to me try and reenact the movie to explain the red eyes haha.

I can tell you this, I'm 5 minuets in and I'm already lusting..... after her long hair!!!! Mine needs to be at my waist asap, k thanks.

<3 Bekah


Ashley H said...

Water for Elephants was the best book I've EVER read. I'm afraid to watch the movie though... thinking it won't be as good! :/

*Bekah* said...

I did this story totally backwards, I usually always read the book before I see the movie. I'm borrowing the book from my mom the next time I'm over at her house!! I want to know all the little details I know they left out of the movie :)