Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My mom stopped by work today and we grabbed lunch together which was fabulous but we got on the subject of my wedding and I realized the one thing I really regret is not having a videographer. It was something I kinda thought about but couldn't figure out how to fit it in the budget. But now when I think back I really wish I could have squeezed some things around in order to hire one. I'm so sad that we will never get to re-live that day through video. Pictures are fantastic don't get me wrong but a video would have made it so much better.

Thats my random thought of the day.

On a side note, I'm loving my new job! I'm getting rather pale from no tanning but it's totally worth it I think for this new opportunity. Also I enjoy having internet at work (where I'm at right now!). And I'm hoping with the pay raise we'll be able to afford cable and internet in the near future! Yay!!

Wife wise there are a few updates, I got our bedroom painted and it's amazing! Or at least I think so, one wall is striped with different colors of blue and the other three walls are a darker blue. It looks really pretty with our cherry finished bed and dresser and our white comforter. Its pretty but not girlie which for me was something I was struggling with (I'd have everything painted pink if I could!).  I'll get around to posting pictures at some point.
I also got our Christmas tree up (yes it's pink) which I am SUPER excited about (Tyler not so much).

I think that's it for the quick update (as usual).



kristen said...

Your wedding pic are gorgeous!! I love the pink!!

*Bekah* said...

Thanks so much!!