Monday, October 10, 2011

No internet

So I know I vowed to blog more once Tyler and I got married but not having internet at our house has put a hitch in that plan. I have been begging though so hopefully cable and internet will soon be part of our daily life, I miss being connected to the outside world haha.
In other news married life is great, im still getting used to not having to go to my parents house every night though. I got in a routine of having to leave Tyler half asleep on the couch around 10:30 every night. So im very glad that now instead we get to go to bed whenever we feel like it. Like last night we were passed out in bed by 10:15 (but had to wake up at 5:30 which was no fun).
Anyways, moral of the story is as soon as we get internet I will for real be a blogger :)

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