Friday, September 9, 2011

Two weeks at midnight

Two weeks from today I will be at a hotel suite in uptown Charlotte with my girls attempting to get some sleep...... Because two weeks from tomorrow is WEDDING DAY!!!

Holy Moses where did the last year go? My to do list is still pretty long but its all just silly little stuff : buy a garter, assemble programs, finalize selections with DJ... etc. Which I think is all the normal last minute stuff. Whats not normal about me at this point is the fact that I have poison ivy all over both arms, my chest and my back..... Yeah it needs to hurry up and go away or else I'll match my decorations and be covered in pink calamine lotion at the wedding.

On to something cute, so Tyler has started nesting, you know, the thing that moms do right before they have babies because they have to make sure the house is ready.
Yup he started last night, we were hanging out watching TV talking about how close the wedding is and next thing I know he is in the kitchen rearranging EVERYTHING! Like moving things around on the counters, switching where stuff is in drawers, all of it. So I just sat and watched him do his thing then it hit me and I instantly went "aww you're getting the house ready for me!!". Tyler immediately turned bright red and responded with a "well I mean yeah... I guess...". Haha he is so cute :)

Now as usual I'm over blogging, I'm exhausted and can't focus to write. I promise this blog will actually be something soon :)